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Glasses for any solution by Complast

Complast Srl is an Italian company and a world leader in the production of components and glasses made from the injection of thermoplastic polymers and high-tech processing of cellulose acetate sheets.

The company has its headquarters in Forni di Sotto (Province of Udine) and, with a staff of 130 employees, is one of the largest industrial enterprises in the historical region of Carnia.

The stubborn determination of a group of entrepreneurs who, believing in its potential, took the company over in 2004 following the eyewear crisis in Italy towards the end of the millennium, has made Complast highly competitive.

Through medium and long term projects both from a commercial point of view to find new clients, and regarding large investments in infrastructure, over the years the company has restored and increased important market shares.

Today, Complast is a strategic reference point for the leading companies in the eyewear sector for quality and services offered.

Complast’s major clients include the most important eyewear groups.

Fashion is one of the jewels of the Italian manufacturing industry, and glasses marked Made in Italy represent an important example of this sector. Glasses are increasingly proving to be the accessory with a strong fashion component, rather than simply an element of a glasses prescription.

To operate in fashion ‒ an industry subject to sudden changes ‒ requires high business flexibility and appropriate production decisions. It is important to know how to address the push from designers towards the continuous development of new products, making extended, non-standardized ranges of production capability and continuous product research essential elements of the core business.

The goal of the company remains to continue to act as a reliable partner to an established client base but also to expand its overseas market.